Going to God's Own Country: Episode 3

Day 3: Father, Fort, Fishes, and a Shoe

My dad came to the hotel at 3.30 in the middle of the night. It was a pleasant surprise. He planned to take me to the Kochi Fort. At 5.00 am, we departed. While traveling, I did not find any buildings, I could only spot HUGE bungalows with HUGE gates with HUGE space (an unlikely sight for a Mumbaikar). The houses were built beautifully. The roads were neat and symmetrical. I didn’t see any kind of garbage on the road. There weren't any potholes either. The ride became even more enjoyable because of these sleek roads. The atmosphere was extremely calming; there was a quiet cold that brewed that morning that was…a breath of fresh air? All in all, I was really impressed with this place.

After reaching the Kochi Fort, what I saw can just be described as beautiful. I saw men fishing and I was awed. Mind you, this was my first time witnessing fishing. These men had a contraption made where they tied four huge bamboos with a rope and then the net was tied along the length of the bamboo. The net attached to the bamboo was enormous! The men slowly put down each bamboo. After some time, the men were pulling the rope. They then tied the ropes to the tree and went to check what they had managed to capture. There were many fishes and a shoe in there too. The Fort was surrounded with houseboats, normal boats, vehicle boats, basically boats of every kind. One of the boats was carrying vehicles as well as people towards their destination. It was amazing to experience the things I'd only seen in movies.



(This is the second of six articles that document Deepthika Pillai's trip to Kerala, God's Own Country)

Deepthika Pillai is a Second Year Mass Media student from Bunts Sangha's S. M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies, Powai. She is a content creator and film enthusiast.

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