Going to God's Own Country: Episode 4

Day 4: Village Vibes

Today, I experienced the #VillageVibes. I was way too excited about this. It had been my dream to visit my village. In the morning at around 9:30, my dad, my uncle and I left the hotel. My dad dropped us to the Ernakulam Town Station and he went to the airport as he had a flight to catch. My uncle and I waited for the train (the train was running a little late, not complaining, just saying). And finally, the ‘Kerala Express’, a beautiful train traveling from New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram, arrived.

After 2 long hours of journeying on the train, we finally reached our destination. My uncle’s friend who was an auto driver picked us up. And after some extremely rash driving, we found ourselves in the depths of the village. There we saw farmers carrying out their routine tasks. Cows roaming freely. A heavy wind was blowing. It was quite dramatic.

We finally reached the place where we were going to put up. Instantly, I knew that this was my dream house. I had to pinch myself to check whether or not it’s real. The house was inside a jungle. There weren’t any stores near the house. There was utter silence near the house at night. It was pitch black outside and it was so dark that there was an ominous feeling I got, like going outside wasn’t safe. But… it was fun.

(This is the fourth of six articles that document Deepthika Pillai's trip to Kerala, God's Own Country)

Deepthika Pillai is a Second Year Mass Media student from Bunts Sangha's S. M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies, Powai. She is a content creator and film enthusiast.

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