Going to God's Own Country: Episode 1

Day 1: The Journey

Alas, another item has been checked off of my bucket list! Today, I travelled by an Indian Railway train. It's been 10 years since I last travelled by one of these trains. I always wondered about how this might feel, and now I know. This is the first time I'm travelling without my parents, although my uncle accompanied me throughout the journey. The last thing I did before leaving was bidding my family goodbye. I exchanged final words with my parents as the train set in motion.

We were placed on the side berth, I was anything but bored throughout the 24-hour long journey, I really enjoyed the view outside. I looked at a lot of new people, I also got a taste of what people do during long journeys like this one. The best part was making strangers (fellow passengers), my friends.

We had our dinner early, at around 8:30 pm and then came the worst part of the commute- when I had to sleep on the upper berth; I was afraid of falling asleep because the train was shaking as it raced on the track. Somehow, I adjusted and got myself to fall asleep.


(This is the first of six articles that document Deepthika Pillai's trip to Kerala, God's Own Country)

Deepthika Pillai is a Second Year Mass Media student from Bunts Sangha's S. M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies, Powai. She is a content creator, and film enthusiast.

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