The God

Who is it ?

I can't even see it.

Who is even listening,

to all of your bullshit ?

I don't mean to offend anyone

Neither do I mean to agree.

But if you ask me to close my eyes and pray ?

That's a hard pass. No, I'm not sorry.

You do all these crazy things like

Building temples and wall of marble and stones.

To me you're just people with secrets,

secrets that you aren't able to own.

You cry, tears fly,

Yet a thousand Gods you worship.

Every minute that you spend praying,

There are more things that go off grip.

There are crimes, robbery, all sort of assaults;

That no one ever really cares to solve.

You tell me there's a God who's up there,

Who looks after us all.

Is God blind or is this some form of entertainment,

That God thoroughly enjoys.

While you treat God like the almighty, the only one.

God's laughing back at you with his boys.

-Chiranjan Shetty

Chiranjan Shetty is a Second Year Mass Media student from Bunts Sangha's S. M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies, Powai. He is a singer and Music Producer.

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