What is Therapy?

By Sushreeta Sule, Psychologist - Clinical

I wish I was understood,

I wish I was allowed to be myself, I wish there was someone, Someone who could move away the clutter, the chaos. I wish someone would just listen, patiently And be there, for me.

I wish I had just someone to talk to, who would get where I come from and wouldn’t jump the gun. A bullet of assumption, a bullet of bias, a bullet of judgment— shot at me. There’s only so much my shield can take, It ain’t Vibranium for humans’ sake!

One day, I heard a person preach. And this person did beseech, “Come one, come all indeed. You’ll find an ear that will listen, not just hear. With bias and judgment gone, you’re in the clear. With bounds of empathy, Knowledge and good deed. This is the help that you seek and need. I urge you, I implore, don’t worry about any opened or closed door. Just walk right in. Maybe, find your safe haven!”

And so I decided to walk right in, with major hiccups, probably caused by gin. Each little step was such a struggle. One step ahead, two steps back, How I wish I could give myself a mental whack! The back and forth, to and fro, made me dizzy, made me go ‘Woah!’ But yes finally, oh yes, I finally. Better late than never, I did enter.

It took me fast. it took me slow. It took me high. It took me low. It brought to me and it did show that no matter what, I’m a star, I glow! This relationship took me here and there, Everywhere. To discover myself, for healing. To learn about my feelings, to get back in touch with who I am.

Journeying with me, Not bigger, not smaller, partnering with me, WITH ME! And just maybe, that’s what is therapy!

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