They are the damaged souls behind the recipe for the perfect Monday Blue cure– #MemeMonday. 

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Chiranjan Shetty
Supreme Leader Meme Jong Un

Chiranjan is not so fun. He's lazy like you'd relate yourself to. Chiranjan thinks he's funny but also he's sarcastic all the time so you never know what he actually means. Chiranjan loves Ironman and wishes he was him-DEAD.

Rishu Pandey
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Rishu is the closest you will get to finding Charles Boyle IRL. Her skills include referencing memes, vines and an obsession with Sebastian Stan. She functions on a single brain cell. If life is a party, Rishu is the piñata.

Akarsh Hegde
Sub-senior MEMEologist

Akarsh is an introvert who breathes to survive in a civilization filled with extroverts. He has a great sense of humour. Akarsh claims to be a ‘Theatre Artist’ but again that could be a joke.

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