Team Talent Tuesday

The most talented assortment of untalented individuals whose only talent is to document the talent of others.

Sneha Rai
Not Talented

Sneha prefers saying 'Hello' taaki usse kisiki 'Haai' na lage. She's just like y'all talentless yet full of sass. She's so dumb, that she will insult her kids with yo mama jokes and then trip over a cordless phone. She sneezes 253 times a day and yes, she's really blessed.

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Also Not Talented
Vibha Menon
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Vibha is a paper cut survivor. As long as you don't ask her to dance, you would love to be her friend. She always learns from the mistakes of others... who take her advice. Oh and she judges people based on their zodiac sign. UWU <3

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